CubeTalk Specials with Jenny Hoekstra


Jenny will be sharing her experience in working in a business to business environment and how you can use social media marketing and content marketing in this context.Also how she became a freelancer and what is needed from her perspective to become location-independent; working and traveling full-time essentially.

- About Jenny :
Jenny is from The Netherlands originally but lived in South Africa, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia. She studied Communications in The Netherlands and have held various marketing positions within the fundraising and IT industries. She is also a self-taught graphic designer and started a side business as graphic designer and Joomla (open source CMS) website developer in 2009 in Australia. When she moved back to The Netherlands in 2011, She then became the head of the marketing department of a very technical IT company. At the same time, she still run her own business on the side. Early 2016 she decided to quit her job and do what she love most: Traveling.

- What business am Jenny in :
She is currently a freelance marketing consultant and graphic designer for the tech industry. She help startups in the FinTech industry to promote and grow their business. The industry she is working in, is all about security and protecting applications that run on micro chips on, for instance, payment cards or SIM cards. The aim is to prevent hackers from hacking into those applications and stealing data. Her clients are businesses that sell consultancy and testing services to other businesses. Because if applications are not tested against specific attacks, they are prone to be hacked. Plus, there are a lot of certification requirements within this industry that need to be met and going through a certification process is difficult and costly. Most companies need help with putting the right security measures in place, which is what my clients do.
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Wed May 3, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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